How to properly drain your hot tub?

First decide if you want to clean your spas internal plumbing lines. It should be done at least once a year. But some people do it every time they drain their spa.

To learn how to do it click on “How do you clean the internal plumbing of a spa”.

To learn why it needs to be done click on “Why do I need to clean the internal plumbing on my spa”

To properly drain your spa, attach a garden hose to the drain spigot that is provided on most spas. But a better idea is to use a submersible pump that will drain the water quicker.

While it’s draining remove the filter cartridges, clean them, and then replace them. This prevents any debris from getting into your plumbing lines while you are draining your spa.

With your spa is empty use HT All Purpose Cleaner to clean the shell surface. This product, unlike many traditional household cleaning products, won’t affect your water chemistry or scratch the surface of your spa shell.  Plus, it’s great on almost all outdoor products and even the tiles in your bathroom. For hard to clean areas on your spa I recommend using a Spa Mitt.

Once the spa is empty and the shell is clean go to “How to Properly Start Up a Hot Tub”



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