What are the best things to do to keep your water clean and healthy?

To keep your water clean and healthy the best thing to do is test it regularly.

These are my favorite test strips because one strip does everything, the hardness level, pH, alkalinity, and the sanitizer level, whether your using chlorine or bromine.

It’s cheaper and easier to use one test strip then dealing with multiple bottles.

And these are easy to use. With the jets off, dip it in about 6 inches of water for 2 seconds, remove it with the pad up, then place it next to the bottle, match up the colors, and correct whatever needs correcting.

Each week add 2 ounces of Natural & Clear and 1 ounce of Stain and Scale and remember to check to make sure your filter cartridges are clean.

If the water is still not looking and feeling fresh and clean it may be time to drain and refill your spa.



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